Within this document (Source:AGENT ORANGE IN VIETNAM: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN REMEDIATION HEARING BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON ASIA, THE PACIFIC AND THE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ONE HUNDRED ELEVENTH CONGRESS JULY 15, 2010 Serial No. 111–125) you will find where one of the American leaders, Ms. Watson, asks for the assistance of Monsanto and Dow Chemical, but not by name, and she was immediately interrupted. You will also discover this is the last hearing. The chemical companies caused the problem and they are powerful enough to "sweep the problem under the rug." WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO MAKE THEM HELP! Below you can read the testimony, brief as it is:

Ms. WATSON. Will the chairman yield?


Ms. WATSON. I think our new administration would be more sensitive to what we are proposing and the relationship between Agent Orange and dioxin and the generational defects as a result. And so I think we ought to make a real effort, after we have our second hearing with the-I think we ought to have the chemical companies sitting at that table-

Notice Ms Watson was cut off.

The link to the entire hearing can be found here.