Bob Boldt writes:

It seems to me that the only way we Americans will ever be safe in the world is by ceasing the tradition of criminal imperialism that is our legacy and beginnig a popular program to right the long litany of crimes against people in nearly every continent on the planet. I think this can only be accomplished by proactive citizens.

A good place to start would be in Vietnam where our use of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange continues to create environmental and health hazards of immense proportions. We seem to have a government with little interest in reparation and restoration even for its continuing present crimes in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, let alone the crimes of past administrations.

There is another villain who should be made responsible here—actually two villains: the Monsanto and Dow chemical companies. Not only did they make immense profits from the manufacture of Agent Orange, but they misrepresented the long-term effects of these toxins on crops, animals and humans. As far as I know no one, not the government or the courts, have gone after either of these corporate giants.

This is where people must come into play.

We need to

1. Inform ourselves of the problem of Agent Orange both on our veterans and on the people of Vietnam.

2. Begin to organize in an attempt to make these two companies pay for the consequences of their actions.

The genetic and environmental horrors of Agent Orange continues to harm these wonderful, peaceful people. The thousands of pictures of continuing birth defects on the children of Vietnam will break your heart. I urge you to go to his website and help his group organize a people-driven, grassroots movement to begin to right this terrible wrong. All the children of the world are our responsibility and our precious legacy. By making these corporate organizations responsible and our government begin to be responsive to all the evil we have done in the world, we ultimate make the world safer for ourselves and our children.